“We exist for the moral and spiritual awakening of Romania”

The evangelistic and charitable association “Jesus Hope of Romania” is a Christian organization, apolitical, with a missionary purpose, independent and non profit, founded on the basis of the civil sentence nr.1 on the 3rd of January 1991, completed by the sentence of 28th May 1993 within the record file nr.424/P.J/1990 of the Timisoara Court.

The objectives of the association are:

* Organizing and leading actions in the area of protection and support of disfavored families, minors in need, gifted children as stated in the stipulations on the Romanian legislation and the UN Convention regarding other international rights in this area.
* Social and familial reintegration of minors who are orphans, abandoned or without shelter, through specific programs of technical and financial assistance
* Organizing symposiums, seminars and other manifestations of this kind.

1. Protect and support disfavored families, elderly and minors in need.

2. Proclaim the Gospel, plant new churches and financially support their pastors.

3. Provide social and financial support for abandoned and/or orphaned minors.