Hi every one, Just to let you know of a forth coming event that will be a great day for all friends, fans, families, school children, students, young and old, those who have lost a loved one, and those who lost a loved one to acts of Homicide. For those who…Read More

Question time (what can we change?)

Hi everyone, On Thursday we had our opening of our new centre , it was a great night, thanks to everyone who turned up. Next Friday , we are holding a 'question time' evening at the CASA in Hope street Liverpool. Special guests on the evening will be on the…Read More

Please pass this on

Hi everyone, thank you to everyone who has joined this group, please keep passing it on to all your contacts, thanks, Andy PS thank you to everyone who has added me as a friend, that is another perk of setting up a group like this... you meet some nice people…Read More

Lets get Andrew's murderers to court

Hi everyone, hope your enjoying the sun. Dawn Morris has put a page on here to try and get my son's killers to court and hopefully convicted. would you be able to go join and add all your contacts? i will put a link up , if you can't get it up add me as a…Read More

Please help

Hi everyone, Dawn Morris from Bolton has set up a group on here, in a plea to get my son's killers brought to justice after 6 years. Please could you joinn the group? 'BRING ANDREW JONES MURDER TO…Read More

We need more members

Hi everyone, thanks for supporting this cause, it makes a lot of sense that 'LIFE SHOULD MEAN LIFE', we still need loads more of your contacts to join to make this massive. We all need to stick together to make the right people listen to us. Thanks also to…Read More


Hi everyone, Just letting you know Pete Price is doing a special programme tonight about the marches on saturday. It is a 'phone in' show, and everyone who is organising or taking part, are welcome to join in. It is CITY TALK FM, and can be found on the…Read More
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