To help the IFAW with cruelty to dogs in South Korea.

This is extremely graphic.

In South Korea dogs are slowly beaten to death, to tenderize the meat. After the dog is hung by the neck, it is tenderized by beating it for up to half an hour more. Bruised and bleeding, the dog is then lowered to the ground and finished off with a blow torch to remove his or her fur. The dogs often still
alive, scream and cry out in agony and pain, urinating and defecating while gripped in the throes of unimaginable horror."

"Dogs are crammed into tiny wire cages in the hot sun, skinned dogs lying next to live ones. One woman saw a dog with his legs stuffed into his mouth. Dogs everywhere are crying and whimpering.
They are dragged from cages by their necks along the street, and then hammered to death or hung to release adrenalin."

People believe that from beating live dogs, their meat is tender and releases adrenalin which they think is a sexual aphrodisiac and increases male virility.
They torture poor helpless dogs that cant fight back all because they think that it increases male virility. This is wrong and we need to help them!!!!!!

1. We cant just sit around a let this happen

2. Help animals fight back since they cant fight for themselves

3. Its the right thing to do, support "A Mans/Womens Best Friend!

4. Take a look at your pup, what if it was him or her