To End the Crime which is crippling our country

The Crime in South Africa has ravaged our country and destroyed what could be a beautiful and prosperous land. People should be free to walk the streets without fear or threat of extreme violence. The RAPE in South Africa is totally UNACCEPTABLE.
We Need a solution NOW..

According to BBC web and many other sources of global statistics.
"South Africa is the most dangerous country in the world, which is not at war."

recent statistics show that there were more 60,000 REPORTED rapes in South Africa in the Last year.
(note: this figure does not include unreported rapes, which are high in number due to the social stigma and personal embarrassment of victims)

interesting facts on South African Crime
* Per capita, South Africa has the most assaults, rapes, and murders with firearms.

The List goes on, the death toll rises and the crimes continue..

Google Search " Crime S.A " for more info

Show your support and Join the cause against the ridiculous spate of crime that South Africans have had to endure for way too long...

1. The Crime In S.A must end immediately

2. Pleople should be free to walk the streets of a "Democratic" Country without fear or threat of violence (check the Constitution)