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Firstly we wanted to thank all the new members for joining the cause! And to give apologies to anyone who is getting duplicate messages - if you want to join our main campaign group on FB that would be great - we're trying to get everyone in one place (just search for 'Campaign Whale' and click on the group icon).

For many years Campaign Whale has been tirelessly campaigning to reduce, and ultimately end, the slaughter of whales and dolphins worldwide. Whilst many other organisations have pushed for concessions to be made to the whalers Campaign Whale has never backed down from the stance that the killing of whales and dolphins is completely unjustifiable. Unjustifiable on animal welfare grounds - due to the huge amount of suffering involved - and unjustifiable on conservation grounds - now more than ever before, due to the effects of climate change, pollution and over-fishing on whale and dolphin populations.

This year at the International Whaling Commission (the IWC) in Santiago, Chile, we encouraged an unprecedented 15 countries to speak out against the slaughter of 20,000 dolphins, porpoises and other small whales each year by Japanese fishermen. Over the years Campaign Whale has succeeded in keeping this crucial issue on the agenda at the IWC, building international political support and lobbying scientists to speak out, despite furious opposition from Japan. However, the only way we can stop the killing once and for all is to move our campaign to Japan itself – to tell the Japanese people the truth that their government is keeping from them. The truth about the brutal killings of dolphins, and the truth about the contaminated dolphin meat found in free school lunches.

Campaign Whale now has a unique opportunity to make a real difference on the ground in Japan by joining an international coalition of groups (the Save the Japan Dolphins Coalition), who are working together to stop the slaughter. We would be the only British organisation in this coalition. We urgently need financial support to be able to campaign effectively – and to stop the killing. You can help us by passing this message on to your friends, by writing to the Japanese Embassy in your country asking them to stop the dolphin killing and to prohibit the sale of mercury-contaminated dolphin meat, and by donating to the cause - (for more info please see - there is also a link to some truly shocking footage on youtube from this site)

Background to the Campaign:
Every year thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in Japan in horrific spectacles that are now deliberately hidden from the public gaze. This issue is sadly neglected by most conservation and animal welfare organisations in the UK, and worldwide. The public believe that the whales were ‘saved’ when the IWC introduced it’s moratorium on commercial whaling in 1986, but unfortunately the reality is that Japanese hunters merely focused their attentions on smaller whales such as dolphins and porpoises – and to such an extent that some populations are being pushed to the brink of extinction.

The Dalls Disaster:
Campaign Whale is particularly concerned that of the 20,000 animals killed each year in Japan, over 17,000 of these are from a single species - the Dall's porpoise. The Dall’s catch actually quadrupled to 40,000 killed within a single year when the whaling moratorium was introduced. In 2001 the IWC called on Japan to stop these hunts until a full scientific assessment could be carried out, but Japan responded by pulling their scientists out of this IWC workshop, disputing the IWC's jurisdiction over small cetaceans. The fact remains that the hunt exceeds sustainable levels and quotas are based on outdated estimates that are over 15 years old. Campaign Whale now has the opportunity to lead this campaign in Japan through the work of the coalition. We are the only organisation with the necessary expertise and knowledge of the Dall’s hunt to do so.

Our Campaign Strategy:
The only way to stop the...


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