Tourette's Support Group

The support group will meet on Thursday Feb. 12th at Sunshine Community Church off of East Beltline. It is for children and parents of children with Tourette's. This is the first meeting. We will have one meeting a month thereafter. Meeting times are from…Read More

Tourette's syndrome

Hello, I was wondering how many of you are related to or know someone with Tourette's. Let me know how or if you are the one affected with Tourette's. More information coming soon on the date for Sunshine church meeting group for Tourette's. Thanks Mandie

Support group for Tourettes syndrome

I have developed a support group for tourettes syndrome. The meeting place is at Sunshine Church off of East Beltline right off 196. I will have two room's. One room will be for the children with Tourette's and the other room for the parents of the children.…Read More

Support Groups

We are in the process of developing a local support group in the Grand Rapinds area for Tourettes. We will be having a large conference at the Hilton on 28th street in GR sometime in early 2009, where a Pediatric Physician will come and speak on Tourettes,…Read More


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