Spring Campaign Coming Up!

Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that the Spring campaign is quickly approaching and the dates are: February 25 – April 5 If you feel led to take an active role, now is the time to contact your local group and get started with an organizational…Read More


Hello Dear Friends, I need to share something very dear to my heart today. Five years ago, I was a doula (birth coach) for a woman who needed someone to come and be with her as she labored at the hospital. Her doctor, the local abortionist (female) had…Read More

For Such A Time As This

Greetings in the name of our Lord! I wanted to encourage everyone to continue to pray and ask God exactly what He would have you do this day in your walk with Him. No matter what the circumstances are around us, we can be strong in faith and move forward…Read More

Teleconference Tomorrow Night

Hi Gang! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this historic effort this Fall! There are some great news emerging, such as record number of lives being saved, an abortion clinic shutting down, and a national teleconference tomorrow night to discuss which…Read More

Urgent Action Needed

PLEASE send this video to your entire friends/family list and email list. Barak in his own words of how he wants redistribution of wealth to minorities and believes the Constitution is a negatively written document. And CNN is saying that he didn't say…Read More

First Thing Obama Said He Would Do As President

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf0XIRZSTt8 Please, we must get out and talk to our family about what Obama's true intentions are. This video states it plainly. Our group has 840 members. Would you invite people in your friends list to push it over 1000…Read More

Sign Petition for Life

Join this cause and sign their petition: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/47501?recruiter_id=16184759 Thanks!
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