CATW works with national and international policy makers, women's and human rights advocates, and the UN to promote the fundamental right of women and children to be free from sexual exploitation.

CATW International is the first and most widespread international trafficking organization in the world, with coalitions in over 20 different countries,. CATW International has successfully advocated for anti-sex industry and anti-trafficking legislation in the Philippines, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Japan, Sweden and the United States.

Five years ago, there was little resistance to governments legalizing prostitution as a form of work, taxing the exploitation of women and childrent as a "sex sector". Today this situation has changed. CATW International organized the International Human Rights Network (IHRN), a coalition of more than 140 NGOs, to successfully advocate for a definition of trafficking that protects all victims, not just those who can prove that they were forced. As a result, the definition of trafficking, in the new UN Transnational Crime Convention's Protocol was launched and advocated by the Coalition.

We have produced groundbreaking books, reports and videos on prostitution and human trafficking. Our challenge, in opposition to the enormous power and resources of the sex industry that portrays prostitution as sexual liberation, work or even glamorous, has been to make visible the harm of this exploitation. How do we do this? We testify before national congresses, parliaments, law reform commissions, regional and UN committees and commissions, and hold Category II Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). We also do our best to educate the public in schools and communities in different parts of the world by training teachers, professionals, police and governmental authorities about ways to detect, resist and combat trafficking.

1. We are dedicated to the prevention of the sexual exploitation of women and children in all forms, especially prostitution and trafficking

2. We address and combat the demand side of prostitution. A system that directly promotes and profits in the modern day human slave trade.

3. We create and advocate strong policy and legislation that promotes women's human right to be free of sexual exploitation