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EP postpones Ta' Ċenċ petition

Thanks for supporting this cause

Gozo needs new, modern sustainable jobs and which would ensure the protection of the environment whilst promoting high quality tourism. Please invite others to join the 2,526 current members. Cheers Victor Galea

Big Thank You

Would like to announce that today the 'Save Hondoq, Ramla and Ta' Cenc' reached 2,000 supporters on facebook. It's great to see this support growing in the last 6 months. Please continue to invite many others who also believes that Gozo needs new, modern…Read More

Would this happen to Joe citizen?

Dear friends, We are now almost 2,000 petitioners. Please encourage others to join. As planned, today there was the 2nd Planning Appeals Board hearing re. the Ramla l-Hamra villas and pools. The Planning Appeals Board, presided over by chairman Ian Spiteri…Read More

AGAIN: Ramla l-Hamra Appeal Hearing

PRESS RELEASE 21/01/2009 Ramla l-Hamra still under threat of development AD Secretary General and spokesperson for Gozo Victor Galea today reiterated that the pristine area of Ramla l-Hamra in Gozo is still under threat of development. Galea said:…Read More

Ramla l-Hamra: MEPA APPEALS BOARD hearing tomorrow

Dear all, please find uncensored press statement issued earlier today: AD CONCERNED ABOUT MEPA RAMLA APPEAL Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party is asking MEPA to refuse the appeal lodged by the developers of the Ulysses Lodge in Ramla l-Hamra which…Read More
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