This is a Camp Marist letter form Eileen form some years ago

What is it about Camp Marist What is it about Camp Marist that changes you so dramatically to the extent that you can never be the same again? What is it about this place on Route 25 East of Ossipee that transforms so many people in such a short time? What…Read More

Nov 23rd it is the 1st Marist Run 10K where ever you are and invite your friends

10k/Half Marrathon or Family Fun Run: The O'Neil Family would like to welcome all friends and family to join us for the UK leg on November 23rd at 1pm outside the Bishopbriggs Leisure Dome to run, skip or walk the canal to raise funds for Camp Marist…Read More

10 KMS = 6.21 Milles

Just to make sure everybody run the same distance

10 KMS Race soon!

I want to know who the people are interested for a race of 10k to support camp???? PLease let mw know. Eileen O'Neil and me are trying to help camp this way.
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