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An Update by a brother on Sister Aafia (written 2 weeks ago)

'Alayk as-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh;

I attended Aafia's last two hearings, but she did not show up to either of them. Also, her lawyers had not seen her since August. So, there wasn't much to add in terms of her status to what I had written in the first article. However, this is some of what was said in the court while they were trying to convince the judge to move her to a hospital in NYC:

* She was strapped down to a table (both arms, both legs) for extended periods of time while being interrogated by FBI agents in Afghanistan
* Her teeth are rotting out
* She spends a great deal of time crying in her cell
* She hallucinates that her children are in her cell with her
* She was once served some turkey, and requested that the prison package the plate and ship it to her children in Afghanistan
* She cannot see anyone without first being stripped and searched (which is why she hasn't seen a doctor or a lawyer for months)
* Her strip searches are videotaped by the prison, and she has stated that she fears that these videos will be taken and posted on the Internet
* When she received news of her son being released from Baghram, she was in such a state of general depression that she showed no emotional reaction
* She is overly polite and grateful to the prison staff, and her lawyers explained that this is due to the contrast from her treatment when she was held in Baghram

The point of the past few hearings was basically to convince the judge to move her to a state-run hospital in NYC where she could be evaluated as well as treated. The government, however, wanted her to be moved to a federal center (basically, a prison with a clinic) to be evaluated only (no sufficient treatment). As we now know, the judge went along with government wishes and moved her to a prison in Texas so that she could undergo psychiatric/psychological evaluation to determine if she is fit to stand trial.

Every hearing, there are less and less people who show up. Her next hearing is scheduled for December 17 in NYC.

I ask Allah to revive our anger and jealousy for Aafia. Imagine, our precious sister strapped down to a table in fear with these anjas surrounding her, looking at her...I get sadder everytime I think about this...


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