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U.S. Presidential Election 2008

I would like to remind everyone of the Church's stance on voting and elections in a democratic government.

We are all honor bound, if we are of age, to participate in elections of our leaders. We should do this not only by voting, but educating ourselves on the issues and voting according to our conscience (read: follow Church teachings plz).

Major issues in upcoming election:

Iraq War (duh) - this is up in the air, but I think you should know that JPII said it was an unjust war.

Social Security - haven't really read anything as far as the Church is concerned on this, but we should be supporting the elderly, handicapped, and underpriveleged. I think the current system is too open for abuse, however, and needs some major revamps.

Medicare - same.

Stem Cell research - as long as we're not harvesting babies, it's OK.

Abortion - JPII also said that while a country allows it's young to be slaughtered, it will continue on that downhill path. Let's put an end to this American Holocaust. This should be priority.

Homosexual marriage - Such a touchy issue. If God is love, then why would he deny them theirs? At the risk of offending people, it is not a natural love.

So, who to vote for?

Sure, we'd all love to see Brownback win it and take the US back a couple generations, but let's face it - he couldn't win the primary, much less the election. We can't take votes away from a real winner, especially with pro-life is the biggest issue facing us. In that regard, especially in the primaries, we have to go with Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney. I'm a Fred Fan personally - he's such an honest, open kind of guy. He's so much less stiff than everyone else. Ah well, regardless, those are the two guys we should be looking at.

Look at it this way: If Guiliani wins the primaries, he'll never be president. why? He won't capture the conservative vote OR the liberal vote. If Thompson (or Romney) takes the primaries, I believe he'll win simply because so many democrats are sick and disillusioned with their own party right now.

Oh, and if you're a Democrat/non-Catholic, I apologize for this bulletin. Bunnies!

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