Change for Los Angeles Walk

The Los Angeles walk will now be taking place on May 21st. More details to come as soon as I find out from Shannon.

2nd Annual SMS Walk hosted by Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that we will be having our 2nd annual SMS 5k walk/run May 7th. I will be posting a poster my sister has made soon with all of the details! When I put it up please make sure to look it over.…Read More

New Members

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season! I just wanted to ask everyone to take a moment and go through your friends list to find some people to invite to our cause. For last month to this month we have gone down 100 percent with new people…Read More

Start donating to our cause

My sister Shannon is officially been named a Non Profit for Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation. She has a new website with updated videos, ways to connect with other SMS families, and ways to donate to this amazing cause!! Please visit and…Read More

A great way for our Christmas Shopping to help SMS!

I got the following email from my sister and I wanted to share it with everyone...this truly is a great way for us all to give while doing what we like best....SHOPPING!! With Christmas shopping being in full force we wanted to give you a link that you can…Read More

(no subject)

It brings tears to my eyes because I am so happy to announce that the foundation my sister, Shannon Lafave, created, Taylor Bug Kisses Foundation, is offical! She has recently made a new webiste for the foundation! It is an amazing site with loads of…Read More
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