Stop the use of nuclear weapons

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, believes that all the member nations must promise to avoid use of WMDs.
Even though most of the world's most powerful WMDs are owned by the people who control the treaty, and allow whomever they want to use nuclear weapons.
If you are their allies (the big people) you can own as many Nukes as you want. This is not fair. This is completely against justice.
Nuclear weapons should be banned everywhere, in every country, no matter what. The idea should be forgotten, the design of Nukes should be destroyed, no-one should ever make something this powerfull.
Today, they make a nuke; tomorrow, they want to make a bomb that can vaporise a planet.
To let them do this today, means that tommorow is gonna worse, and the day after that will be even worse.
We MUST stop this NOW before it gets out of hand.
Having a Nuclear Weapons is madness. It means that you are ready to vaporise houses and cities and kill thousands of innocent people for your own cause.

To have or create, or allow the ownership or creation of Nukes is a betrayal of humanity and mankind itself.

To USE a Nuke, is to destroy the future. MY future, YOUR future, OUR future.

I will challenge and dare people. To give me one suitable reason, just one reason, why should anyone own or use a Nuke. If you can, come forward, convince me.
Don't come and tell me Nukes help you win wars, cuz they don't. All they do is help you kill people.

Some say having Nukes can make us safe from attacks. WRONG. Having Nukes doesn't make me safe, they make me a murderer. No-one in the world thinks that to vaporise a region, will guarantee safety.

I apologize for writing and essay. But I had to, it's the truth, it's the reason some people do what they do, people have to know this.

1. To ban creation/ownership/usage of any type of Nuke and WMDs.

2. To disarm any type of Nuke and WMDs.

3. To ban the research, development, and trade of any WMDs.

4. To educate the public about nuclear weapons, the dangers of the arms race, and the search for peaceful alternatives.

5. You got any more? tell me.