Demand our leaders begin regulating ALL drug use, not just those they themselves take.

Teach public the difference between specific effects of each individual drug so they can properly compare the effects of what is seen after they have been exacerbated and magnified by the effects of Prohibition. Once known then they must surely be able to see how Puritan moralizing now directed at "non-traditional" substances is causing much of the problem itself. Since Pot is less harmful than alcohol and most others have legal analogues readily available by prescription *despite* the hysteria, blindly following tradition has created many of the very problems that they only /think/ they are fighting against.

1. Stop the monstrous waste of tax dollars going into Prohibition 2

2. Educate public to damage of pot (eg) use vs. cost and effect of drug criminalization

3. Institute regulation and admit that drugs will ALWAYS be around. Law of Supply & Demand won't vanish because some people don't like the product

4. Counter self-interested advocacy of Prohibition policy by police union & prison industry