As many of you probably know, due to the economic downturn, Hadassah who has historically provided the much needed financial assistance to keep camp afloat, can no longer afford to continue to sponsor camp. Without a major fundraising effort, CYJ west will…Read More

The Giving Challenge- only 5 days left!!!

There are only five days left of the giving challenge and in this time I urge you to donate to Young Judaea/FZY Israel Initiatives! This money goes towards helping Young Judaea develop it's programing within Israel and the money will be focused on the most…Read More

Support Young Judaea/FZY Israel Initiatives!!!!!

As any devoted Judaean, you dream of one day going to Israel with Young Judaea to experience the best of Israel in a way only a Judaean could show you. Now is your chance to support Israel thru Young Judaea, a group that benefits the land while showing you…Read More

Hadassah Hospital

I strongly encourage everyone in this cause to join the "Hadassah Hospital Mother and Child Center" cause. That is the national initiative of Young Judaea, and we need as much support as possible! (message me if you can't find the link somewhere)

National Initiative!

The Young Judaea National Initiative for the 2007-2008 year will be the Hadassah Hospital Mother and Child Center!! The National Mazkirut chose this as the initiative in order to connect the youth of America to the youth of Israel, demonstrate Young Judaea's…Read More
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