Update from the Legal Defense Fund

Here's a quick brief update: by a 2 to 1 vote, the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals rule in favor of same sex marriage. On the basis that Prop 8 violates the "Equal Protection Clause" of the federal constitution. So, the Legal Defense Team asked for a…Read More

Play Called 8 based on the Prop 8 court room ruling.

Last month, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an earlier judge's decision that found California's proposed amendment banning same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Now, there's a play coming out on the court room preceding. It's called "8". Jane Lynch…Read More

The battle Continues

The battle continues in court. I'll have another update soon.

The Challenge to Defend Prop 8

Here's a letter from our Friends of the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund Who continue to fight for Traditional Marriage. They're currently being challenged on the right to argue in court for Prop 8. Dear Friend, Today's hearing in the California Supreme Court was…Read More

The Mormon Proposition Movie

I'm watching the Mormon Proposition. It's a movie that came out a while ago about the Mormon's role in helping Proposition 8 pass in California. It's interesting to see the information that's in the movie. It's sad to see that this movie tries to paint…Read More

New 2011 Legislation you should know about!

It's not that we believe in discrimination against People that are Lesbian or Gay. However, why is my freedom to not accept their lifestyle stripped away from me with every piece of legislation that's made into California law? FAIR Education Act Bill…Read More

Guest Speaker Carrie Prejean

Hello Friends, I'm president of the young republican federation of california chapter in Chico, Ca. I'm trying to get Carrie Prejean to be our guest speaker. Anyone know how I could contact her? All your help will be greatly appreciated. please contact…Read More
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