Peace - Two states

Why do the Palestinians and Israelis have to live in fear? How can we put an end to this fear, this state of mutual terror in which both Israelis and Palestinians live? why the agony and the procrastination?Are we prepared to pay the price of proceeding with courage and strength, inspired by the agony and suffering of our people? Or, would we rather drag our feet until there are more killed, more children who are subjected to terror, and until there are more disfigured and crippled victims, in this useless war?

We want a definitive settlement. But a definitive settlement will only come if its peace is just. Peace is not a piece of paper. The important thing is that the two peoples, the Palestinians and the Israelis, come to believe in the necessity of coexistence between two states because the real security lies only in the real belief in peace. The real issue is not negotiations in which Israel seeks this piece of land or in which we seek that piece of land. This is a small geographic area, without much elbow room. We do not want a Berlin Wall or any other wall separating us. We want there to be openness. The only thing we seek is that there be real—as opposed to verbal—normalization.
Does any Israeli really believe in his heart that it is possible to destroy 5 million Palestinians? We have asked a similar question of ourselves and have concluded that we cannot destroy the Israeli people. The realistic solution, therefore, is that we live side by side, and that we walk the path of peace.However, it is important to take stock at some point and to admit that the ill-feelings that have accumulated in the past cannot be destroyed over night. We must live with the idea of peace ourselves first if we are to transmit it to others. Without accepting it ourselves, and living with it, we cannot transmit these ideas and beliefs to others.

1. Free Palestine

2. End Occupation

3. Fight for Justice

4. Free prisinors