WIN - Signed copy of " From Dusk 'till Dawn " donated by Keith Mann

Animal Activist Keith Mann has kindly donated a personally signed copy of his book " From Dusk 'till Dawn " Keith Mann's name is in many minds synonymous with the ALF . writes Benjamin Zephaniah . and to compliment…Read More

Free Meyvan - Petition Please help Free Meyvan by signing the petition Thank you Avril

March is Meat Free Month

Thank you all .

I am amazed at how big this cause has grown , Please invite your friends to join..lets get even bigger !! Thanks to everyone who have posted comments , links etc.. keep spreading veganism , saving animals every day : )) Avril xx

Christmas Wishes

Hi everyone . I would just like to thank you all for supporting this cause, and to wish you all a very Happy " meat free " Christmas and New Year . Love Avril x

Earthlings With Christmas fast approaching no doubt some of us will find it difficult to keep to our vegan / veggie lifestyles. Just remember theres plenty…Read More

Happy World Vegan Day

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