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The right to self-determination is the cornerstone of the international world order and established human rights under the UN Charter.

In 1947 British India was divided, Muslim majority areas were to go to Pakistan, and rest to India. The Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir concluded a stand-still agreement with Pakistan, but unleashed a reign of terror against the Muslim population, who revolted. This led to an armed conflict between India and Pakistan. India referred the dispute to the UN Security Council. A Commission (UNCIP) was constituted to investigate the matter independently.

The outcome of the deliberations were two resolutions. The first inter alia asked both governments “to reaffirm that the future status of J&K shall be determined in accordance with the will of the people.” The second declared that both governments in their communications had accepted a set of principles, the most important of which was: “The question of the accession of the State of J&K will be decided through democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite.”

Then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru pledged to the people of Kashmir an affirmation of the Kashmiri peoples right to self-determination.

The Kashmiri people tried through peaceful means for their right of self-determination. However India unleash a reign of state terror against the captive Kashmiris. The killing of over 100 demonstrators in 1990, in Srinagar by indiscriminate firing of the Indian forces on Kashmiri demonstrators forced the Kashmiris to opt for a direct action. Since then over 80,000 Kashmiris have been killed, of these 5,000 died in judicial custody about 8,000 Kashmiri women and girls were raped, and at least 100,612 houses and shops were gutted by fire. A huge Indian army of over 700,000 troops is deployed in Kashmir. This is the highest troops-to-inhabitants ratio in any occupied territory in the world throughout history.

1. The People of Jammu&Kashmir Must be given the Right to Self Determination