Telling the stories of silenced and unheard people through a series of books and other media projects about our world. Donations can be made through our Fiscal Sponsor, ETINA.

I LIVE HERE believes in the power of individual expression to transform the lives of people living in the most extreme situations of poverty and isolation. We work with local partners to create an environment of health and safety. In turn, we set up schools and permaculture programs, while providing legal assistance as well as, legal rights education.

I Live Here’s mission is to see that basic human rights are being met in the communities in which we work. Our programs’ goal is to empower those who are unheard. We work with local materials, which in turn can provide participants with a sustainable future. Coming full circle, the stories gathered are then shared through books and other media designed to encourage the global community to learn, be inspired and take action.


1. Stories can change the world.

2. Self-expression through art and writing strengthens individuals and communities and encourages mutual understanding.

3. Art is a means of survival.