Animal Testing - Cruel and Unreliable

As I write to you, countless dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, and other animals are suffering in outdated and unnecessary animal tests. This year alone, more than 100 million individual animals in North America will be killed in these cruel tests. You can help…Read More

Victory! Hopefully more to come!!!!!

It's the best possible news! The Bush Administration has just announced it intends to withdraw its plan to strip gray wolves of their endangered species protection in the Northern Rockies. What a huge win for wolves AND for hundreds of thousands of online…Read More

Join sites that alert you when you can help fight

care2 petitionsite actionAlert Ask Three Friends to Help Demand Justice for Alaska's Slaughtered Wolves! sad wolf. Take Action! Forward to a friend >> Reread the petition >> Thank you so much for speaking ou,t demanding justice for wolves in…Read More

Wild Alert News October 2008 - update

Dear Jessica, Thanks to your efforts, three impressive California wilderness bills have made it nearly all the way through Congress this year. The bad news is they are now at risk of languishing due to a packed Congressional calendar. These important bills…Read More

Thanks to Everyone Who Cares

I had no idea that this cause would reach so many hearts and the magnitude of support that it has when I created it, and that is all because of you guys. Thank you so much for supporting grey wolves, and all wolves. It is so great to see how many other people…Read More


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