No Laughing Matter -- Sign the Petition "Stop Marijuana Arrests"

It’s time to take drug policy reform seriously. Click here: Sign the Petition ( Yesterday, President Obama made a joke about the online community’s support for drug policy reform. But with students…Read More

Obama’s Drug Czar

Yesterday we learned that President Obama selected Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske to be his drug czar. The singular obsession of President Bush’s drug czar, John Walters, was promoting and expanding random student drug testing, despite the fact it is…Read More

Vote today!

We have witnessed the war on drugs enter the classroom with the implementation of random student drug testing across our country. Your work against this policy makes a difference -- and you're not alone. Together we are a part of a growing movement, with…Read More

Drug Czar of My Dreams

Dear Friends, The singular obsession of the Bush administration’s drug czar has been to promote and expand random student drug testing. Obama’s pick for his drug czar will have a major impact on the federal government’s position regarding this intrusive,…Read More

Will the Obama administration stop the federal push for student drug testing?

For the last eight years we have seen politics trump science, with the Bush administration pushing random student drug testing as their top priority in the face of objections from leading health experts and abundant research that shows the strategy is…Read More

Reality-based drug education

What’s a good alternative to random student drug testing? Reality-based drug education. Check out the promo for our new drug education DVD, "Just4Teens": The DVD rejects the "Just Say No!" and fear-based messages…Read More

Drug Czar’s Student Drug Testing Road Show

Hi Everyone, We will not let the drug czar have the last word on random student drug testing. His staff is flying around the country holding propaganda-filled summits to try to convince local educators to start drug testing students -- randomly and without…Read More
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