To support every women...mother, sister, daughter, and friend and also every man...father, brother, son, and friend.

There are so many close people in our lives who either have breast cancer or have the genes to develop it. I've had 2 aunts and a godmother have breast cancer and its so scary. 1 made it through and has been cacer free, the other 2 are still going through the long process to be cancer free. so please support this cause. do things around your home town, llike make bracelets, start fundraisers, or even just raise awareness. Every little bit helps fight cancer. Please help...cause if it was someone close to you, then what you want people doing? thank you very much! much care and support, Sara Belle*

1. No one should have to fight alone.

2. Be the wall for someone who needs it.

3. If it was your mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, or friend...what would you do?