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The OCHS Drama Club has graciously chosen to sponsor our cause. This is a great opportunity to come up into the High School, and start raising funds for the cause. Most of you know that I am selling t-shirts, well I need orders and money before I can order the shirt. I don't have the kinda pocket money that can take that kind of hit, so I'm gonna open up orders to anyone who wants a shirt; first to you, my good people of the cause, and then to the students of Oconee County High School, and then to the County at various functions. I will very much appreciate it if you would buy a shirt. I estimate the shirt to cost around $15. I know that's asking a lot, but it's going to a very worthy cause, as you well know. Thanks for being part of this uprising, and for supporting my rantings. In the spirit of the arts, Derek.

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