The OCHS Drama Club has graciously chosen to sponsor our cause. This is a great opportunity to come up into the High School, and start raising funds for the cause. Most of you know that I am selling t-shirts, well I need orders and money before I can order…Read More


Guys, these T-shirts that I'm selling are going to be off the chart amazing. I'm gonna be selling them soon. Please let me know immediately if you would be interested. Thank you, Derek


What's up guy's? I finally thought of a way to start off of my program and I plan on doing so immediately; I just need some info from you first. I'm have Ms. Nona Thorton to design a t-shirt. I promise that you will love the shirt... I already have a rough…Read More

Pesky I know...

Hey guys. I know that you hate these messages like this but I gotta do what I gotta do. I want you all to invite your friends. PLease and Thank you. I need there to be more people in support of my group if I am going to get this program sponsored which is in…Read More
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