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A quick Hello :)

Ladies and Gentleman, all those who are members of the 'Higher pay for ambulance personel' cause;
Firstly, i'd like to say it's overwhelming how many people have actually signed up to the cause, I was quite sceptical that so few would join but i'm touched that so many people (and indeed more who don't know about the cause) are so considerate towards those who wear the greens and work the streets to be there when you need a caring smile and a soft touch to make you better.

My name is Daniel and I'm the creator of this cause, I work as an emergency Medical Technician with several ambulance services on both contract and regular work aswell as being a Law student in my first year at university.
I love my job, to me it's everything and there's nothing like taking a patient to hospital knowing that what we've done has saved that person's life.

I'd like to apologise for not sending out any messages sooner despite the fact i know some of you joined this cause months ago, unfortunately i'm been snowed down by shifts and unviersity life too so this is my first oppurtunity to addres you all.
Since this is the first email, a couple of quick bits and bobs, since i now know there are so many people supporting this cause i will work with you all to expand this cause and put it across facebook entirely, the more members that join the more standing the group will have when I finally decide to write to the NHS trusts across the united kingdom and seek public support by way of campaigns and the media.
Day after day, night after night the paramedics, technicians and first aiders that work with the ambulance service deal with the drunks, the drugs and the violence.

We all also work with the children, the parents, the smiles and the cuddles that ensue when we do something good and for that we love our jobs and we're proud but unfortunately some of us can still barely afford our own homes or to provide for our families since the price of everything is going up!
Continue to support us anyway you can, recruit more members and most of all pass mine and our thanks on to everyone else you know.
We'll always be there to look after you when you need us!
Finally, if you have a story about a time you've needed an ambulance for yourself, family, a loved one or friends please write me your story to my messages inbox and i will publish your story on our website when i get it up and running.

Until next time, sorry for the lengthy email and stay safe.
God bless you all and your families


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