To remind everyone that a world that enables the free movement of people is a better world.

America has been the number one destination for immigrants since our founding, and the result has been the richest country in history.

Yes, you could lose your job to an immigrant. You could also lose your job to a new college graduate, but that isn't a reason to shut down colleges. The wealth of America is created by the people who live and work here, and immigrants create wealth and prosperity for America just like the rest of us.

The global economy will continue to be competitive even if we completely close our borders. By closing our borders, all we ensure is that the taxes paid by those workers go to a foreign (and perhaps hostile) government rather than our own. We should welcome those that are willing to relocate their lives and families to our nation, something that most of our families have not done for several generations.

1. Immigration is good

2. Legal immigration should be increased, not decreased

3. People who work here are an asset to our nation and to our national security