One HEART's mission is to save the lives of Tibetan women and children, one birth at a time.

Saving the lives of Tibetan women and their children is of utmost urgency for the survival of the Tibetan people and culture. Improving maternal health and reducing child mortality have globally been recognized as vital to promoting development and eradicating poverty, as set out in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The Tibetan society is one of the few in the world where there is no tradition of trained birth attendants. Poor nutrition, lack of trained health personnel, long travel distances and limited access to emergency care place Tibetan women and infants at high risk of birth-related deaths.

1. Women should not have to die in order to give life.

2. Access to health care and safe-birthing knowledge is something that should be available to everyone.

3. Providing safe deliveries not only saves the lives of mothers and babies, but sustains a culture as well.