To stop the Chinese from skinning these dogs alive...or at all!

Please watch the video I am posting for this Cause. Now, I know this doesn't only happen in China, but it's where I would like to start. I'm warning you, the video is a bit graphic, and I could not stop crying. There are people out there who will say, "I know this happens, but I don't want to see it." That's the mentality that prevents actions being taken against these vicious people. Like I said, it's graphic, but if you can, watch it. It really opens your eyes and gives you a feeling of wanting to do something--NOW. For those of you who might be hating on PETA and you insist that they blow everything out of proportion and only use the worst evidence...let me tell you this: The fact that there is even ONE video of this kind of stuff happening is WRONG. So, all PETA is doing is bringing that to your attention. Now, you have the chance to take action. So everyone, if you can, please donate and we can stop this together!! Spread the word to everyone you know as well, and ask them what they can do to help.

1. Dogs should not be raised in cages their whole life, only to die of being skinned alive.

2. Dogs (or any animal for that matter) should not be skinned...period.

3. These horrible people should answer for their horrific actions, and it should be stopped immediately.

4. P.S. They do this to cats too...