Established to assist in rebuilding the lives, self worth, and the spirit of individuals living in all nations. 100% donations will be delivered to the neediest individuals, families and organizations

Our services will include providing people in developing nations with a means of pursuing gainful livelihoods following a crisis. The way in which we plan to provide this is by accepting donations which will be used to purchase clothing, food, shelter, and items such as sewing machines so that women who earn a living through sewing can continue to be productive.

Services will include but not be limited to:

* Disaster relief
* Providing food, clothing, shelter
* Assisting with educational materials
* Assisting with materials to earn an income
* Assisting with items to provide the underprivileged with a means earning an income.

The nations in which we plan to provide our services are emerging economics and countries that have fallen victim to natural disasters.

We will be traveling to these countries to determine the exact level of need, to determine to whom our services are most essential, as well as to personally deliver the required items to those individuals.

100% of monies donated to our organization will go to the individuals who are in need of our services. All travel and transportation expenses will be provided by the board members out of their own pockets.

1. 100% of donations will be delivered to the neediest individuals

2. Making a difference one person at a time