To bring unity to all the different archdioceses in America.

We, of the orthodox faith are born into our beliefs in our seperate archdioceses and feel that the others are incorrect. We are all part of the one true faith, so why not be united in America. We have 3 or more bishops for a greek church, a russian church, and an antiochian church. With those three bishops there is a larger area in which they must cover, if we had one bishop in a smaller area, he could visit more than annualy and he could accomodate more easily to the smaller churches. Also, the government would establish us as a greater religion than before and might adhere to some of our wishes. I start putting my ideas into perspective in two more years. It would help me out if I had some back up but, God will provide. God bless and Godspeed.

1. Unity.

2. Put aside our differences in our archdiocese from another archdiocese.