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Summer Trip Announcement and letter from David Lidbury

Now our children will be able to go to school with dignity.

The Mexico trips, for me, have been real blessings for many reasons. One of those is meeting new people. Another blessing is working along side people I have known and respected all my life.

David and Shirley Lidbury are 2 of those people. They have worked with us on most of our winter trips. David Lidbury was the principal at Western Christian when I attended there. He has been blogging with one of their daughters. One of those blogs was on our last Mexico trip. I have been given permission to share that post with you.

"I have just finished reading Janelle’s latest blog posts and once again I am proud, impressed and humbled that she would want to do a blog with me. One of the reasons I said I wanted to blog with her was because I wanted to “finish strong”. As I read her post it’s toughest in the middle, I thought that is really what finishing strong is all about. It’s continuing to spend time doing – being in the middle. It might be shovelling my neighbour’s walk, making the morning coffee, driving my grandson to practice when his parents are both at work, or just being available to another person.

It might also be going to Mexico to assist in the construction of classrooms for Indigenous children in small communities in the Baja.

The two classrooms we went to build this year would have been finished without my help. I did saw and measure (sometimes in that order) and drive a few nails, but I received much more than I gave. In the next couple of blogs I want to talk about what I learned.

This year we met Victor, a small man with a very large smile, two young children, a grade two education and the desire for his children to have more. He is the chairman of the Parents Association and exemplifies what it means to make do with what you have, to be gracious when you receive, and to do your part in making good things happen for your community.

At the end of the project we enjoyed a feast prepared by the community. Speeches were made, gratitude expressed and Victor eloquently summed up what had taken place.

Now our children will be able to go to school with dignity.

This year, once again, I learned about dignity in the face of poverty."
Back to El Zorrillo
We began our school building in Zorrillo, now it is time to go back. The school needs more classrooms. We need to ensure the work we have completed to date does not deteriorate.
Join us this summer to make these changes and improvements.
The Web is now updated with applications and winter trip pictures. For the Zorrillo trip pictures of the past
Gloria: Parents Association President and Friend.
Gloria and the Director of the school say they need our help again this summer. Join us.
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