Winter Trip information

Summer Update Summer 2012 The summer trip is now complete. 67 people from the north joined a Mexico crew to improve the Zorrillo School. An excellent crew completed a lot of work. Thank You…Read More

Spring 2012 Walter Ridgway We had the privilege of having Walter Ridgway and his wife Cathie Olson join us to build in July 2009. April 17th Walter died of cancer. Christine Ridgway, Walter…Read More

Summer Trip Plan

Information for summer trip.

With the web being down and this being prime time for booking flights, please refer to the information below. It is very important to book flights that arrive in San Diego by 1PM on Sunday, July 1st. It is also important to NOT book flights that leave before…Read More

Summer Trip Announcement and letter from David Lidbury

Now our children will be able to go to school with dignity. The Mexico trips, for me, have been real blessings for many reasons. One of those is meeting new people. Another blessing is working along side people I have known and respected all my life. David…Read More

Annual Meeting November 26th & Winter trip Information

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