Educate the public about the horrible disease of Brain Cancer & raise money to fight it!

All money will be donated to "The Brain Tumor Society" and the "Have a Chance Walk 2009" in NYC. The "Rock the Cure" name is in honor of my father, a beautiful soul who lost his life to this vicious disease only 4 months after being diagnosed. His was an artist & musician who always gave his time & talent unselfishly to others, his entire life. Most importantly, he was my father & I love & I miss him. I promised to help find a cure so others may not have to suffer such a loss. Brain cancer can strike anyone at ANY age. It is one of the number one killers of children 5 & under. Many times there are no symptoms until it is too late, which is what happened to my dad. Together I know we can "Rock the Cure" & stomp this conquer brain cancer.

1. Brain Cancer is a devastating disease that robs people of all ages of their lives.

2. We must educate & insist on a more aggressive fight to find a cause & cure.

3. It's the only cancer that there has been little advancement in area of detection, cause, and, most importantly, a cure in the past 25 years!