Zero Hunger

Numerous opportunities have created by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui to do service. One way to serve humanity is by participating in a local program to provide assistance to the hungry and homeless people in your community.

By encouraging Pranic Healers, Arhatic Yogis and other interested people to donate money, time and resources toward feeding the hungry and homeless, we are able to become directly involved in obtaining food, clothing, blankets, for the purpose of relieving the suffering of the thousands of poor and homeless people not only in distant regions of the world, but right within our own communities.

These programs are an avenue of direct service which help to accelerate the development of the heart, in turn assisting us to spiritually evolve more rapidly.

In his great compassion, programs have been initiated in Colombia, Brazil, Philippines, India and in the USA.

1. Have the Zero Hunger Bill passed in the Indian Parliment

2. A hunger free World