Greetings Cause Members, I wanted to share a few quick things with you: 1) LIA just started a profile on Please go check us out there, and if you have seen what we do first hand, please write a testimonial! Link:…Read More

Christmas Gifts That Empower

What is the "Must-Have" gift of the year? Empowerment! The amazing thing about this gift is you don't even have to brave the mall parking lots or crazed bargain hunters to give it. You don't have to buy a meaningless gift that will most likely be returned…Read More

Host a World AIDS Day Movie Event

Hello friends of LIA, Often, we run into interested and compassionate people who make the following comment, “I don’t have much money, but want to do what I can help your cause?” While resources are regularly needed for us to implement the existing and new…Read More

Search the web for LIA

Enjoy surfing the web? Now you can earn money for your favorite cause, LIA, just by searching for items on-line. It is incredibly easy and helps out LIA. At the USA office we've been doing it for a couple weeks and have already earned enough to support an…Read More

The World is Poorer Than We Thought

Just over a month ago the World Bank raised the line for absoulte poverty from those living on less than $1 a day to those living on less than $1.25. What does that mean and what can we do about it? Check out Justin's new post on the LIA blog,…Read More

Learn more. Get Updates

Hello friends of LIA, Thank you for joining the LIA Cause to empower churches serving the poor and marginalized in Northeast Africa. You can be a part of our new phase of communicating the work LIA does in Africa by signing up for e-mail updates on our web…Read More


Holly just posted a new blog about the Kisumu dental team wrap up. Over 400 Kenyans received dental care in one week!! Stop by the blog,, and read the rest of the story.
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