Exciting News - Field Work Begins In Panama Rainforest

Hi ecoReserve Cause Members, We are delighted to welcome aboard Mariana Valencia, who will be serving as the Project Launch Coordinator for the ecoReserve-Earth Train project in Panama. Mariana is coming on initially in a 3-month contract position to help…Read More

Forests and How to Save Them

Hi Cause Members, Special Report from the Economist. http://www.economist.com/node/17093495 The progress made in recent years shows that mankind is not doomed to strip the planet of its forest cover. But the transition from tree-chopper to tree-hugger is…Read More

Reminder on Biodiversity

Hi Cause Members, A remarkable video and reminder on what biodiversity is. Life on this planet is made up of a fragile web of interconnected species and environments. We call this Biodiversity... The earth has 895 separate ecological regions home to over…Read More

We've Grown Over 1000 Members on the Cause - TIme to Celebrate

Hi Cause Members, We're growing and are now over 1000 members on the ecoReserve Cause. You are a part of the new grassroots movement for micro-conservation. Spread the news and invite your friends to join the cause or follow the news on our Facebook fan…Read More

Win a $25 Living-Room Size Nature Reserve Once We Launch

Hi ecoReserve cause members, Create the tagline for ecoReserve and you will have a chance to win a $25 ecoreserve. Head over to Twitter to submit your answer https://twitter.com/ecoReserve <-- Tweet your answers here! Or you can enter your ideas into the…Read More

80% of tropical agricultural expansion between 1980-2000 came at expense of forests

Hi ecoReserve Cause Supporters, This is a fascinating article with alarming facts. "Every million acres of forest that is cut releases the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere as 40 million cars do in a…Read More

We're Almost Ready, Invite Your Friends and Spawn a Grassroots Movement For Micro-Conservation

HI Cause Members, We have launched the private alpha website with the public beta in sight. You can click on the interactive map to adopt your own nature reserve, and your personalized ecoReserve page will display your own profile, a portfolio of parcels…Read More
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