Lights out for Planet Earth

World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour: Switch off your lights to vote for Earth on March 28 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm local time.

Blind girls plant trees for the cause

Hello friend, Here's something interesting I got to know: Blind School for Girls Plants Trees for MGESUTA. Poona Blind Girls' School in India happily joined hands with Art of Living Pune volunteers when Priyanka Kulkarni a young volunteer from Pune…Read More

Phase 1: August 15

Hey Green :-) Friends, August 15 will be a big day for Mission Green Earth when we will cover a big chunk of our target of 100 million trees. Have you planned anything on this day in your area?

Mission Green Earth

This mission is a global one. To plant 100 million trees in 2 months across the world. The purpose: To reduce global warming To protect Environment To protect biodiversity Pls do not plant Acacia or Nilgiri or Australian Magium. Participate in this global…Read More
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