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Blind girls plant trees for the cause

Hello friend,

Here's something interesting I got to know:

Blind School for Girls Plants Trees for MGESUTA.

Poona Blind Girls' School in India happily joined hands with Art of Living Pune volunteers when Priyanka Kulkarni a young volunteer from Pune approached the school principal Mrs. Sulbha Pujari.
An Experience Sharing by Priyanka Kulkarni

"The blind School had more than 2 acres of land which is covered by Subabul & weeds which they wanted to clear out. So we planned a drive of planting about 250 saplings by clearing this land. The challenge was to get the weeds and subabul trees cleared.

Some volunteers started clearing grass/weeds and digging pits a day before. The Manager of Cosmos bank branch in the school premises, Mrs. Sumant offered spontaneous donations for getting the labourers to cut grass for such a huge area.

On 31st of August this drive started where about 15 volunteers of AOL actually started digging pits for plantation. The Art Excel brats joined their hands with this team and actually adopted the plants by giving them a name and the family name.

The highlight of the event was plantation by blind girls and their superfast work for clearing out the grass in the plantation area. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm towards plantation activities. AOL volunteers and these girls together did a brilliant job by planting about 41 saplings of Lakshmi Taru and some local species.

This drive will continue over weekends till we cover the land provided by the blind school."

This is one prime example where a whole community comes together for Tree Plantation.

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