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Welsh Government to act on Blacklisting?

Solidarity Trade Union has welcomed news that the welsh government could
introduce tough new anti-blacklisting laws by next year in the wake of a
scandal affecting thousands of workers.

Some of Britain's biggest building companies have used a secret
blacklist to keep workers, who raised health and safety concerns or were
active in trade unions, out of jobs. A long campaign by the GMB Union 
exposed a list of over 3,000 workers from across Britain who were on the
Consulting Association's blacklist, including 111 from 46 areas in

Now trade unionists and politicians in Wales have united to act against blacklisting.

GMB Wales officer Mike Payne and Labour Assembly Member (AM) Vaughan
Gething are drafting strict new public procurement rules which would
stop around £4 billion in public money being handed to companies that
blacklist workers.

Both Mr Payne and Mr Gething will put their proposals to Wales' Finance
Minister Jane Hutt in March and believe that new laws may be passed
as quickly as next year.

The proposals are likely to enjoy  cross-party support in the Welsh Assembly.

Solidarity has joined the GMB, Unite and Ucatt unions in calling for a Leveson-style enquiry to expose blacklisting.

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