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You need a Union to watch your back!

Britain faces hard economic times and firms are looking to shed staff to cut costs. If they cannot make workers redundant some will manufacture disciplinary incidents at work to give them an opportunity to sack. They will also focus on performance ‘improvement’ as a means of justifying the dismissal of workers.

The Solidarity Trade Union sees it every day. You can help protect yourself from such actions by joining a union and let the employer know, subtly, that you have. It lets them know that you are not just an individual but part of something bigger. You have back-up if you need it.

One of new members John Basir said "I joined Solidarity as I could see our managers looking to find fault in everything I and my fellow workers did at work. I felt something was coming! After I joined I let slip that I was in a union. Two weeks later two of my colleagues were sacked for minor offences but I was left alone. The union's fee of £8 per month turned out to be very good value! “

Why not follow John's example by joining the independent Solidarity Trade Union? We work hard every day to protect workers – people just like you!


Solidarity union are proud to have helped workers, from whatever background, from whatever industry, to obtain justice. We will continue to help more people as we grow. If you find yourself in trouble at work we urge you to join the Solidarity Union by going to

Alternatively, send a cheque for £96 for annual membership to or request a Standing Order Mandate form (£8 per month) from Solidarity Union, by post to Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD or by e-mail [email protected].

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