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Solidarity backs calls for Orgreave Inquiry





Many of us who supported the Miners' strike will remember the "Battle
of Orgreave". It was a terrible example of the State attacking its own
people. For Nationalists at the time it reflected our view of 'State
against Nation' – the concept that the British state was in conflict
with our interests as a people (a view that has not changed in
subsequent years).

The sight of miners being charged by mounted police wielding long batons
was a revealation for some as to the true nature of our establishment.
To see those picketing Orgreave cokeworks outside Rotherham in South
Yorkshire being chased by dogs and beaten by riot cops woke people up to
a violent, repressive reality.

One of the most shameless features of the attack was that it was
premeditated. Miners were corralled into an area by the police
surrounded on three sides. The BBC edited footage to make it appear that
the miners attacked the police and were then charged – a reversal of
the true sequence of events.

 Ninety-five miners were arrested and charged with riot. Yet when the
first batch of 15 went to court every case was thrown out. Police had to
pay compensation to miners falsely charged. Yet to this day not a
single police officer has been charged with any offence.

In 1989 South Yorkshire police were involved in the Hillsborough
disaster. 96 Liverpool United fans were killed at Sheffield Wednesday's
football ground. Police blamed fans for the disaster. Relatives of those
who died campaigned tirelessly for 23 years. They eventually won an
independent inquiry which discovered evidence of a cover-up by South
Yorkshire Police (the same force responsible for Orgreave). Now their
role at Hillsborough is under official investigation.

The success of the Liverpool campaign prompted the launch of a demand
for a similar investigation into what happened at Orgreave.

South Yorkshire Police has responded to the Orgreave campaign by
referring itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, but
the Orgreave campaigners want a full public inquiry.

Solidarity Trade Union backs the call for a full public enquiry. We urge our members to sign the petition ( ( and do all they can to promote the campaign.

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