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British Worker 8 out soon!

Issue 8 of British Worker Out Soon!

THE LATEST issue of British Worker will be out

Issue 8 looks at the impact foreign imports have had on British
industry and jobs. It notes how Britain
used to be regarded as the 'workhorse of the world'.
Now, however, much "of our heavy
industry – steel and coal production, shipbuilding, machine building and truck
and car manufacturing – appears to be virtually
non-existent."Imports have also damaged our light industry. Clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances all appear to
be made abroad.British Worker feels that this is "economic
suicide." Whilst the paper knows that we can't make – and grow – everything, it feels that Britain should aim
to be as self-sufficient as possible. 

Thus it proposes a progressive reduction of foreign imports combined
with an aggressive Buy British! Campaign. This should "create thousands of new

British Worker asks Solidarity members and supporters to – wherever possible -
buy British food, clothes, cars, electrical goods or services.

You can pre-book your copy of issue 8 of British Worker. Simply e-mail [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])

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