To represent British Workers and fight for their interests.

Solidarity is an independent Trade Union formed at the end of 2005. Membership is open to all British workers irrespective of political and religious affiliation and cultural or ethnic background. Our aim in Solidarity is to unite all workers, from all backgrounds. Solidarity rejects the shallow internationalism of existing trade unions. We are a Nationalist union with the protection of British workers' economic and social interests at the core of our agenda.

Solidarity recruits from all industrial sectors and professions. We have members in the health service, education, railways, construction to give just a few examples. We believe in 'One Big Union'.

The idea is not new. In 1834 Robert Owen formed the Grand National Consolidated Trades Union in an attempt to unite all the workers into one Union. Initiatives for One Big Union have occurred across the world. Most notable was the attempt of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or the Wobblies) to organise One Big Union in the United States, Canada, and Australia and the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) in Spain. We have no particular ideological affinity with either group, nor are we affiliated, but like them we see the sense of organising across trades and professions. Whatever job you do you can join Solidarity. We also allow members to belong to other Unions if they choose.

The reasons why Unions were formed in the past are still valid today. As individuals in the workplace our bargaining and power position with employers is generally weak. It is only when we act collectively that we get leverage. Unions are like an insurance policy with a large number of people paying dues so that if they need help they can call on it. Solidarity also provides resources and access to professional advice. That is part of the meaning of our slogan: - "Together we are strong!"

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Solidarity is a National Movement that actively recruits UK and Irish Workers into it's ranks. We are a Union that will encompass all industrial and service sectors within the economy - in the creation of ONE BIG UNION.

Solidarity is establishing itself as a major independent UK Trade Union. Our website and groups like this offer a means of communicating directly to Workers.

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1. Solidarity is an autonomous UK Trade Union.

2. Membership is open to all British workers.

3. We are a Nationalist union.

4. We recruit from all industrial sectors and professions.

5. Join at:- http://www.solidaritytradeunion.com/join-us-now-mainmenu-30