Solidarity is:

  • A union fighting and winning in the workplace     
  • A union that makes your voice heard     
  • A union that doesn't pay huge salaries to officials    
  •  A union that listens and acts     
  • A union that will send a Rep to your workplace disciplinary or grievance  A union that is helping to create a fairer society     
  • A union that treats people with dignity, respect and is tolerant of others views     
  • A union with experience of taking cases to Employment Tribunals     
  • A union that promotes openness and democracy    
  •  A union that wants its members to become involved    
  •  A union that wins compensation for members who are unfairly dismissed or discriminated against     
  • A union with a real interest in fighting difficult and ground-breaking cases     
  • A union that realises that its support starts at a local level, where results change lives.

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