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For A Limited Time: Your Donation Brings More

As some of you may have read, the ASNE Foundation — under which Sunshine Week operates — is ending its endowment campaign at the end of 2009. The nationwide recession and other economies specific to the newspaper industry worked against our best efforts to make the campaign successful.

However, through the end of the year, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which kicked off the endowment campaign with a $2.5 million matching challenge grant, will continue to match up to $1.125 million in campaign donations at a 2:3 ratio. So a gift of $100 becomes $166, $150 means $250, $500 translates into $833, and so on. Overall, there's the potential for $1.875 million to be added to the endowment.

Your help in any amount is desperately needed. While the American Society of News Editors will continue its support for the Sunshine Week project and other First Amendment and free press issues, without a significant infusion of funding it will have to do so at compacted levels. For Sunshine Week specifically, this means a full-time national coordinator will no longer be available for organization and outreach, although ASNE will continue to provide leadership and resources for marking Sunshine Week next March.

The fact that you've joined this cause demonstrates your belief in the promotion of Freedom of Information and government transparency. Please help us to grow our efforts to shine a light into those dark corners.

You can make a secure donation through our Facebook causes page, or go to the ASNE Web site,, for other options. And don't forget to let us know if your company offers matching gifts, as those will be matched again by Knight Foundation.

Thanks for your support.

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