Holy crap guys what the hell.

We have so many members now. Many congratulations to Kasper Bo for recruiting our 200th member and Manual Lora for recruiting the most members.

We're getting close.

Alright people, we've got 28 days to recruit 13 members and breach the 200 mark by the end of the year. Think we can do it? I do. Also, there is a possibility of a reward to whomever recruits the 200th member of the group.


In less than two weeks we've recruited 40 new members!

100 Member Mark!

Guys we've breached the hundred member mark! Thank you to everyone who's invited people to the cause. I'm hoping we can hit 200 by the end of the year! Also, I've noticed Lew Rockwell has joined the group. Let's all welcome him.

Huge Achievement!

Today alone we've recruited 7 members! Honestly I never expected this cause to reach 20 members, but now I'm hoping we can break the 200 mark by the end of the year! You guys are the best.

Beneficiary Changes

After some thought and the suggestions of our Cause members, I have changed the beneficiary permanently to the Von Mises Institute. I believe this is the best choice for supporting Anarcho-Capitalism.


Hey guys. It's John here. Just wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone who has joined our cause. As of 10/04/07 we have 24 members. If we can keep up our current pace, we can spread our message to everyone we can.


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