Relily to carry out review of cancer care services at Sligo General Hospital

The people of the North West are is somber mood following the short statement from the new Minister of Health Mr. James Reilly T.D. issued following a meeting of public representatives elected to represent the people of Sligo / North Leitrim on the…Read More

What a difference 100 days make, or not!!!!

Yes it is 100 days since the people of Ireland voted in a new government, people voted for change, voted for a new type of politics, a different way of doing business for Ireland. In Sligo North Leitrim a sizable number of people voted for FG and Labour…Read More

Is there any light at the end of the road an end in sligo e an endless road without end for patients from the North West

We are coming near to the first 100 days of the new government . The question of whether Cancer Care Services, will returned to Sligo General Hospital, to serve the needs of the people of the North West, will have to be answered soon. Commitments were given…Read More

100 days for change

Ireland now has a new government A promise was given by the parties that have formed thisnew Government that within 100 days of coming into office the people of the North West would see the start of the return of Cancer Services to Sligo Genreal Hospital.…Read More

Half a day for harney attack full day to travel to Galway

Following the transfer of Breast Cancer services to Galway Regional Hospital in Augest 2009 women who would have attended Sligo General Hospital now have to travel to Galway for assessment and treatment including follow up mamagrammes. At the same time, for…Read More

breast cancer awareness month

 Support breast cancer awareness by sending a ribbon to you friend by email using the link below the campaign has had to change to noe fight for the reinstatement of the services to the North…Read More

211 more members and there will be 10,000

lets go for it ask a few of your friend to join and made it 10,000 make a stand
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