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2010 Budget Update
The final vote by the legislature is approaching. You still have time to make a difference. As it stands, the budget still reflects significant cuts to Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites. If this budget passes, the DNR will have no choice but to reduce services and/or close some parks which will also impact employees. Remember, the budget cuts on the table now are IN ADDITION TO several consecutive years of cuts. Now we are looking at about a 39% cut in the overall budget. There is still time to make a difference. Please continue to contact your elected officials before Thursday evening. It is very clear that hearing from you makes a difference.

Please help your Senators and Representatives understand the full impact of cutting the Parks & Historic Sites budget so deeply. There is no question that some cuts will have to be made. The question is can Georgia afford for the cuts to be this significant? The cost of closing sites may be higher than the cost of operating them. Please consider the following:
• For each dollar allocated to parks and historic sites from the state of Georgia, $29 is returned to the surrounding communities.
• For some towns, the nearby park is the primary economic engine that supports the community.
• A closure doesn't just mean the loss of a cultural, historical or natural resource, it also means the community loses their economic engine.
• A closure doesn't just mean the loss of jobs for those working at the site, it also means the small business that rely on tourist dollars to survive will also be in jeopardy.
• Closures are very difficult and expensive to undo. The cost of re-opening sites can outweigh the short-term savings.

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