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Urgent Action Alert: State Parks budget in jeopardy

- Contact your elected officials today to express your support for State
Parks -

The Issue --
-State Park Lodges, golf courses and the beloved SAM Shortline could all be shut down by July 1, 2009.-

Georgia's state budget for the coming fiscal year is now in the hands of the Senate Appropriations committee. As it currently stands, the budget does not fund state park lodges, state park golf courses or the SAM Shortline beyond July 1, 2009. All of these resources could be shut down on July 1, if not privatized beforehand.

What can you do?
Please take a moment TODAY to contact your elected fficials and express your support.

Tell your elected officials about your last visit to a state park. Remind them how important parks are to you, your family and your community and ask others to do the same. For many, state parks hold special memories but they also are economic engines in nearby communities. On your last visit to a park, did you see a nearby peanut stand? What about a bait store? All these local businesses are supported by their nearby parks. Please make a few moments today to dedicate to these phone calls or emails with a focus on
phone calls to your Senators. Urge them to restore funding to the state park system so these drastic cuts won't have to be made. The Appropriations Committee is expected to act by the end of this week. If you can't make the time before then, please call as soon as you can. You'll find a complete
list of all your elected officials at Contact them at the "office" phone numbers.

-Yes! Public support helped our legislators understand the importance of the parks and historic sites to communities across Georgia and helped to prevent the closure of 13 sites last year. We can do it again. -

We all understand that times are tight and everyone is making cuts right now. However, funding for State Parks and Historic Sites has been reduced for several consecutive years. For each dollar appropriated by the state to parks and historic sites, an average of $29 is returned to the local
community! Please, take action now to help our legislators understand the importance of parks and historic sites to Georgia and to you personally.

Please, take a moment right now and make the calls.

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